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This section contains articles related to the uber-rich, which I define as people who have wealth of over 100 million dollars.

I believe that society’s attitude towards the uber-rich is undergoing a paradigm shift that will usher in a great improvement in the way humans co-operate with each other.

Law of World Domination

Eventually the richest 0.1% will own over 99.9% of all wealth! 1. Introduction The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting relatively poorer. There’s ever more talk about how the percentage of total wealth held by the rich … [ Continue reading > ]

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Revolutionary Pope speaks out against consumerism

In November 2013 the new Pope, Francis, issued his first Apostolic Exhortation. It’s his first big statement that covers the state of the world and talks about everything that he thinks is important. In it he brazenly criticises the current … [ Continue reading > ]

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Attitudes towards uber-rich are changing

I’ve met many people who gleefully predict that a global mega-financial collapse will soon destroy our economic system and return us to an agricultural subsistence economy. What they’re really yearning for is a revolution. They yearn for revolution because they … [ Continue reading > ]

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