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Revolutionary Pope speaks out against consumerism

In November 2013 the new Pope, Francis, issued his first Apostolic Exhortation. It’s his first big statement that covers the state of the world and talks about everything that he thinks is important. In it he brazenly criticises the current … [ Continue reading > ]

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Every Vote Counts

Some people think that voting for an independent or minor party is a “wasted vote”. No it’s not. Every vote counts. My friend, Robbie, has sent me the following explanation: WHY A VOTE FOR A MINOR PARTY ISN’T “WASTED” 1. … [ Continue reading > ]

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Did the PM swear the wrong Oath?

Some people believe the Australian Government is illegal – that an immense conspiracy has been running since 1972 (some believe it started earlier). One of their key pieces of evidence is a video which, they say, shows Prime Minister Julia … [ Continue reading > ]

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Were Australian Banks Bailed Out?

A reader commented on one of my other articles that “all of the Big Four [Australian Banks] took bailout money from the Federal Reserve“. I had always heard that the Australian banks were some of the most financially stable in … [ Continue reading > ]

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Is the Australian Coat of Arms a US trademark?

The Australian Coat of Arms can be found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. Conspiracy theorists offer this as a key piece of evidence to support their claim that the Australian government is not legitimate, and that … [ Continue reading > ]

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