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Trump-Russia puzzle solved?

Putin Trump Conspiracy to Rule the World

It’s Putin’s KGB versus the CIA.
Trump’s win was just the start, now they accelerate.


Weaken and corrupt democracies,
so it’s easier to profit from corrupt deals with leaders like Trump.


  1. Steal elections to install corrupt allies.
  2. Destroy the public’s trust in the
    media, judiciary, and intelligence agencies,
    because they’re the main enemies of this coup.
  3. Tillerson guts the State Dept so it won’t hassle Russia.
  4. Assange and Farage are accomplices.
  5. French & German elections are next.


Russia & puppet-USA expand corruption worldwide.
Russian-American-European oligarchs plunder.

For USA’s fascist billionaires, money trumps country,
they see Russian oligarchs as ‘partners in crime’.
‘The rule of law’ is inconvenient for their business,
so they’ll weaken it and plunder like gluttons.
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We Need a Policy “Court”

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Law of World Domination

Eventually the richest 0.1% will own over 99.9% of all wealth! 1. Introduction The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting relatively poorer. There’s ever more talk about how the percentage of total wealth held by the rich … [ Continue reading > ]

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Dirty Electricity

I’ve researched “dirty electricity” and in this article I explain why I strongly believe that it’s part of a scam made up by a few unscrupulous businesses that are selling expensive devices to measure and “clean up” “dirty electricity” (Stetzer … [ Continue reading > ]

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Save the world from Logical Fallacies

Want to help make the world a slightly better place? … at no cost and very little effort? Post a link to a list of logical fallacies in FB comments whenever commentors use logical fallacies. I think the world’ll be … [ Continue reading > ]

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