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Lau Guerreiro


I’m not a supporter of either left-wing nor right-wing politics.

I’m a supporter of whatever makes the most sense.

That means that sometimes I support left-wing policies, sometimes I support right-wing policies, sometimes I’m in the center and sometimes I’m on a completely different planet to all of them (because none of them are making any sense).

I currently earn my living as a computer programmer (though I’d prefer to write for a living), so to me, logic is king. And you will find a very strong thread of logic through all my posts; as well as a good dose of humour and the occasional bit of good old-fashioned, no-holds-barred ass kicking!

I’m often frustrated by the illogical or self-contradictory statements and arguments I come across. So I will be writing about them as well as using logic to look at current affairs issues in a more rational way than the politicians and media are looking at them.

I think that what our political system needs in order to save itself from sinking ever deeper into the putrid quagmire of spin and stunts is politicians that are prepared to logically explain their policies to the public. It will take time and effort but it will earn them great respect.

I’m not a politician, but I hope I can be some sort of catalyst to start things heading in that direction.

The other thing I’ll be taking a stick to is poor performance by media professionals. I love Media Watch on the ABC on monday nights so expect the odd post in a similar vein.

Please give me ideas for stories

Please help me out by telling me about illogical things that you think could do with a bit of straightening out and ass-kicking.

Want to employ me?

I’d love to be able to do this as a full time job – I could really do some in depth work then. So if you’d like to pay me to do this then please contact me.

Lau Guerreiro

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  1. Kent:

    Hay there 🙂 Nice first blog post.

  2. Tell it as it is Lau, A GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES CORPORATION is what we have “acting” as an elected Government…

    The rule of law has no meaning when the High Court Judges themselves are sitting on Treason Chargers personally and in full liability, and no escape root available to them, so like a robot, they mindlessly continue the program of lie and conceal.

    There is a better way…

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