Trump-Russia puzzle solved?

Putin Trump Conspiracy to Rule the World

I think the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, so that we can start to understand what’s really going on. I might be dreaming, but it might also be a nightmare.

It’s Putin’s KGB versus the CIA.
Trump’s win was just the start, now they accelerate.


Weaken and corrupt democracies,
so it’s easier to profit from corrupt deals with leaders like Trump.


  1. Steal elections to install corrupt allies.
  2. Destroy the public’s trust in the
    media, judiciary, and intelligence agencies,
    because they’re the main enemies of this coup.
  3. Tillerson guts the State Dept so it won’t hassle Russia.
  4. Assange(Wikileaks) and Farage(Brexit) are accomplices.
  5. French & German elections are next.


Russia & puppet-USA expand corruption worldwide.
Russian-American-European oligarchs plunder.

For USA’s fascist billionaires, money trumps country,
they see Russian oligarchs as ‘partners in crime’.
‘The rule of law’ is inconvenient for their business,
so they’ll weaken it and plunder like gluttons.


Trump’s team imprisoned;
US govt in chaos and unable to focus on Russian moves elsewhere.
Putin laughs.


If the plan fails he gets what he wants.
If it succeeds he gets MORE of what he wants.



Rachel Maddow puts all the pieces together in this video. She’s been doing a great job, each night she puts another piece into place. This video inspired my article – I have just taken the explanation one step further and said what I think she thinks the worst case scenario is, but she can’t say it publicly yet because she’s a responsible reporter and has to be cautious.


I think he’s got a bigger role than people realise. I think he’s at the same level as Trump, but he’s deliberately keeping a very low profile to stay out of the spotlight.
He’s Putin’s main man, taking charge of what’s most important to Putin:

  1. Weakening the State Dept. to keep the USA out of Russia’s business throughout the world.
  2. Removing sanctions on Russia


It’s likely there are three sides within the Trump government:

  1. Putin’s people:
    Tillerson is the top man. He’s Putin’s closest American friend.
    Paul Manifort, Carter Page and possibly Roger Stone are others.
    Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Nigel Farage (Brexit) are based in London.
  2. Trump’s people:
    His family, opportunist fascists like Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon.
    Trump’s team appreciate Putin’s help, but they want to give as little as possible in return. It’s likely Putin used both carrots and sticks to get them to play his game – he’s probably threatened to blackmail all of them.
    Bannon wants to sideline Tillerson as much a possible.
  3. Establishment Republicans:
    Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, Tom Price and most of the GOP members of the Congress and Senate.
    They’re undecided about whether to sign up for Putin’s plan. They weren’t in on the original idea, but now they’re tempted to go with it because money is their god. The GOP is the party of the super-rich and a Trump-Putin world will be good to the super-rich, especially to those with few morals and a fascist leaning.
    They’re tentatively on board but they don’t want to end up in prison, so if it looks like it’s all starting to unravel then they’ll jump ship. But the GOP’s reputation will be tarnished for a long time if Trump’s regime collapses, so the the only way for them to really win is for Putin and Trump to succeed.

Here’s a good article that lists details of the current members of Trump’s cabinet.


Over the last few months there have been a sudden spate of unexpected deaths among Russian diplomats. Most have been made to look like natural deaths, but this is not normal. Something is going on, but it’s not clear who’s responsible. Is it the Russians killing off people they don’t trust, who have knowledge about the Trump-Russia operation? Or is it some other internal Russian brawl?


I believe that everything Wikileaks releases is genuine. I don’t think he’s making anything up or changing anything. But why doesn’t Wikileaks ever release secret documents from Russia or China? There must be plenty to expose. It’s the choice of material and the timing of release that I find suspicious in the last year.

The first Podesta emails were released by Wikileaks just 29 minutes after the “Grab her by the pussy” video became news! It looks suspiciously like they had the emails for a while but didn’t release them until there was some really bad news about Trump. That way people wouldn’t be able to focus on the Trump news as much.

The best case scenario I can think of is that the Russians are blackmailing Assange into working for them. This is how they could be doing it: When Assange was facing extradition from the UK to USA (facing a lifetime in prison), Russia coerced Ecuador to give him sanctuary in their London Embassy. So, if Assange doesn’t do as the Russians ask he’ll be out on the street and extradited to an American prison before he can scratch himself.

Back in 2010 Wikileaks released American intelligence documents that were scathing about how corrupt the Russian government is, but that was two years before he had to seek refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, so if he does have a relationship with Russia then it looks like it started after 2010.

The worst case scenario is that Assange has very few, if any, morals and has always been a rebel who hated the US government, and hates them even more now that they (probably) fitted him up with rape charges in Sweden, and as a result he’s happy to help the Russians.


There were many factors that contributed to Trump’s win, Russian help was only one of them. Clinton and the DNC must also share a lot of blame. As a result, people are trying to reform the DNC, and equally, something should be done about Russia’s interference – it shouldn’t just be swept under the carpet, because Russia will do it again next time. And each time they will learn from the previous, so they will get better and better at it.

Ignorance may be bliss for a while,
but wisdom is always the better choice.


Some say that Putin is the good guy, and that the evil conspiracy to create a ‘New World Order’ is run by the Rothschilds, the Clintons and George Soros, through the UN and the IMF.

Which of the following options do you think is more likely?

  1. That all the evil, heartless, greedy, power-hungry billionaires in the world, all get along with each other and are all on the one ‘team’?
  2. There exist several rival ‘teams’ competing against each other?

I think the latter is far more likely.

Just because one side is bad doesn’t mean the other side are angels. And just because all sides are bad doesn’t mean we should close our eyes and let them get away with it.




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  1. Manu:

    This is nothing but baseless assertions to prop up a conspiracy theory. Certainly, the Russians have done some dodgy shit. Every country has. But to claim that Assange and Farage are working to accompany Russia in their supposed evil plan is just absolute nonsense. Trump winning an election was not a result of Russian interference.

    • Lau Guerreiro:

      If Trump got 99.5%of his votes legitimately, and the Russians got him only 0.5% of his vote, but that 0.5% is more than his winning margin in the few marginal seats that put him over the top, then to what extent can we say that Trump won the election as a result of Russian interference?

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