Law of World Domination

Eventually the richest 1% will own 99% of all wealth!

wealth inequality

The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting relatively poorer.

There’s ever more talk about how the percentage of total wealth held by the rich is increasing, but what surprises me is that people speak about it as if this state of affairs is unexpected.

I’ll demonstrate in this article that anyone who takes a few minutes to consider the basics of the capitalist system will see that the extreme concentration of wealth that’s occurring is exactly what we should expect; and furthermore, that we should expect the situation to become much worse.

In fact, it’s almost inevitable that eventually one percent of the world’s population will own 99% of the world’s wealth! And the more laissez-faire the economy is, the faster it will progress toward this depressing outcome.

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Attitudes towards uber-rich are changing

I’ve met many people who gleefully predict that a global mega-financial collapse will soon destroy our economic system and return us to an agricultural subsistence economy.

Uber Rich Gentle Revolution

What they’re really yearning for is a revolution.

They yearn for revolution because they believe that most of the uber-rich are selfish, money hungry people who value profits above the health of the planet and the well-being of the people who live upon it.

They yearn for revolution because they feel powerless to bring about change through the normal political system, which they believe the uber-rich have bought with their money.

They yearn for revolution but they are peaceful people who abhor violence and therefore the traditional path of violent revolution is not an option for them. So instead, they resort to dreaming of an economic collapse which will level the playing field again.

Such is their despair that they’d rather endure the poverty of a subsistence lifestyle than to let the uber-rich continue to dominate.

Luckily there’s a third option – a much kinder alternative with much less suffering for everyone.

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We Need a Policy “Court”

If you could start from scratch, and create a political system that is based on implementing the best, most rational policies, what would that system look like?

In an ideal political system all political parties would clearly state their policy positions and provide all the logical arguments supporting their policy and all the relevant assumptions and facts. Others would analyse and critique those arguments and point out errors and fallacies, so that eventually we can come to agreed rational conclusions about the likely consequences of the policy.

The current political system doesn’t do this. Politicians aren’t interested in providing rational, detailed support for their policies – they’re only interested in three word slogans and emotional sound bites that will influence people.

I think we need to advocate for something like a policy court.

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Is the Australian Government a US Corporation?

Scott Bartle

Since July 2012, Scott Bartle (and others) have been running a relentless campaign to convince people that the government of Australia is illegitimate and is a private US corporation.

In this article I’ll prove, without a doubt, that the government of Australian is not a private corporation registered in the USA

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Is the Australian Coat of Arms a US trademark?

coat of arms

The Australian Coat of Arms can be found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. Conspiracy theorists offer this as a key piece of evidence to support their claim that the Australian government is not legitimate, and that it is in fact a privately owned U.S. corporation.

In this article I’ll demonstrate that they are completely wrong about the Coat of arms.

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Dirty Electricity is a scam!

I’ve researched “dirty electricity” and in this article I explain why I strongly believe that it’s part of a scam made up by a few unscrupulous businesses that are selling expensive devices to measure and “clean up” “dirty electricity”.

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September 11 – 2nd plane crash videos

second plane striking wtc
second plane crashing into wtc

This 9/11 conspiracy video claims that the second plane wasn’t really a plane but a round disk. And that they made it look like a plane in video footage by Photoshopping a plane over the top of the ball. (Of course, you can buy the video on DVD from their website.)

To prove them wrong I put together this list of thirty, yes thirty, distinct pieces of video footage of the second plane crashing into WTC. (This is a comprehensive list – all angles covered.)

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Where is the World Trade Center Rubble?

wtc rubble 1

The 2nd article in a series debunking certain aspects of the 9/11 conspiracy theories. In this one I’ve been asked to account for the whereabouts of the rubble of the World Trade Centre towers because, apparently, it all disappeared!

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Save the world from Logical Fallacies

logical fallacies

Want to help make the world a slightly better place, at no cost and very little effort?

Post a link to a list of logical fallacies in FB comments whenever people use logical fallacies.

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