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Articles Debunking Freedom of the Press

In the wake of the Finkelstein media enquiry the debate about Freedom of the Press seems to be growing in strength. Here are links to the best articles on this topic I’ve read recently . Why The Market Can’t Ensure A … [ Continue reading > ]

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Freedom of the press argument is deceitful

Can the public discern media bias? I’m surprised when I hear intelligent people express offence whenever someone suggests that “the public” might be unable to determine whether what they read in the media is the truth or whether the media … [ Continue reading > ]

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What’s better than freedom of the Press?

Is “freedom of the press” as important to our society as claimed? Cartoon by Ed Stein It’s universally acknowledged that a free press is an essential part of a well functioning democracy. Without a free press political and corporate corruption … [ Continue reading > ]

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This category contains articles to do with the media. The articles will be in a similar style to the work that is done by Media Watch which you can see at 9:20 Monday nights on ABC TV.  I’ll predominantly be pointing out … [ Continue reading > ]

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