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Debunking ideas that have gained traction in some sections of the public mind.

Dirty Electricity

I’ve researched “dirty electricity” and in this article I explain why I strongly believe that it’s part of a scam made up by a few unscrupulous businesses that are selling expensive devices to measure and “clean up” “dirty electricity” (Stetzer … [ Continue reading > ]

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Did the PM swear the wrong Oath?

Some people believe the Australian Government is illegal – that an immense conspiracy has been running since 1972 (some believe it started earlier). One of their key pieces of evidence is a video which, they say, shows Prime Minister Julia … [ Continue reading > ]

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Were Australian Banks Bailed Out?

A reader commented on one of my other articles that “all of the Big Four [Australian Banks] took bailout money from the Federal Reserve“. I had always heard that the Australian banks were some of the most financially stable in … [ Continue reading > ]

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Is the Australian Coat of Arms a US trademark?

The Australian Coat of Arms can be found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office database. Conspiracy theorists offer this as a key piece of evidence to support their claim that the Australian government is not legitimate, and that … [ Continue reading > ]

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Is the Australian Government a US Corporation?

Since July 2012, Scott Bartle (and others) have been running a relentless campaign to convince people that the government of Australia is illegitimate and is a private US corporation. Scott doesn’t propose any solutions or describe how a supposedly legitimate … [ Continue reading > ]

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